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Alpaca Studio

Alpaca Studio is a Vancouver base handcraft studio. Every product is handmade with high quality ingredients to ensure that each product is fresh, natural, and ethically produced.

'I was inspired to create scents that bring back memories. Each fragrance tells a story in its own simple way, connecting people to special moments'

- Ponette
Founder of Alpaca Studio

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  • Benefits in using solid perfume

    1. Portability: Solid perfumes are compact and travel-friendly, making them convenient for on-the-go application.
    2. Longevity: The concentrated nature of solid perfumes often results in a longer-lasting fragrance compared to some liquid counterparts.
    3. Precise Application: Solid perfumes allow for targeted application, letting you control the amount and apply directly to pulse points.
    4. Moisturizing: Our solid perfumes contain moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and beeswax, providing a dual function of fragrance and skin hydration.
    5. Subtle Scent: The scent from solid perfumes tends to be subtle, making them ideal for those who prefer a more discreet fragrance.
    6. No Spillage: Unlike liquid perfumes, solid ones don't risk leakage or spills, ensuring mess-free and efficient use.
    7. Layering: Solid perfumes are easy to layer, allowing you to combine scents to create your unique and personalized fragrance.
    8. Ingredients: We use natural and organic ingredients.