Students from all around the world

Students from all around the world

It was an amazing evening to enjoy soaping making with people from all around the world. We have student from the Kazakhstan, Calgary and U.S. 

Students can make amazing soap bars without having any soap making experience before.

This handmade soap does not require any curing time. They can take the final products home right after class and use them right away. 

Likha Local Collective provided us a very cozy and beautiful environment to host workshop. This is a very great opportunity to create bond in the community. 

Thanks for joining us and we hope to host workshops regularly. 

Here is some highlight from yesterday.

I will guide you step by step

I will guide you step by step and give you some tricks to make beautiful soap bars.

You can always explore new techniques and spread your creativity.

Students created amazing soap bars for their friends.

JOIN US to create your own soap bars !