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Alpaca Studio CA

Handmade Crystal Soap

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Turquoise Soap (Turquoise)
Protect Spirit & Block Negativity

Lapis Lazuli Soap (Blue)
Enhance Wisdom & Boost Imagination

Jade Soap (Green)
Encourages you to become who you really are

Ruby Soap (Red)
Increases intensity of Love & Romance

Handmade with:
Glycerin Soap Base, Fragrance, Micas.

French Lavender

Net Weight: Approximately 50g in total


All products will come with package with labels that listed all the ingredients used.
All products are handmade, there will be minor variations in size, weight and appearance.(±5g)
External Use Only
For those with sensitive skin please do a skin test before us

*This is soap not a real crystal or gem stone.